DUQM: “A place where the desert meets the sea”

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Tourism destinations of unparalleled natural beauty, combined with a moderate climate, friendly people and high levels of safety and security are the main assets of Duqm. 

Its rich cultural heritage and geographical variety also make Duqm a prime investment opportunity.


Long regarded as Oman’s final frontier for adventure seekers and nature lovers, Duqm is today being transformed into a holiday destination for local and international tourists. Its geology, moonscape settings, pristine ocean fronts, idyllic fishing villages, teeming birdlife, exotic fauna and other attractions combine to make Duqm an extraordinary destination. In addition, within easy driving distance is the protected sanctuary of the endangered Arabian oryx and gazelle, along with geological treasures dating back hundreds of millions of years. Preserving this rich natural wealth for future generations is an imperative for Duqm.

The Rock Garden 
One of the greatest natural treasures of Duqm, and of the Sultanate of Oman, the Rock Garden is a carefully preserved six-kilometre site comprising unique rock formations believed to be 46 million years old. Surrounding this site are sandstone and limestone sculptures shaped by wind, water, ice and other natural elements over millions of years. 

Migratory birds
Duqm is an important area for native and migratory birds. Hundreds of thousands of them feed, rest and nest along its sandy beaches, khawars and inland hills.

Leisure & Entertainment
With tens of thousands of people expected to make Duqm their home over the coming decades, developers are moving in to secure their share of what promises to be a sizable entertainment and leisure market. The SEZ Authority envisions investments across the gamut of leisure and entertainment options, including residential complexes, shopping malls, restaurant clusters and amusement hubs.


Luxury tourism destinations with modern beach-front hotels, all set to open the doors to a unique facility, featuring ultimate relaxation.

A selection of 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels and resorts now makes a visit to Duqm, either for business or leisure, a memorable and fruitful experience. Situated within the coastal tourism district of the SEZ, these properties cater to all manner of budgets and tastes. On weekends and public holidays, they transform into hubs for social interaction, private celebration, and public entertainment — activities that are bringing this emerging industrial city to life.

Crowne Plaza Duqm Hotel
A delightfully appointed 4-star facility, Crowne Plaza Duqm is the first property to launch at the SEZ, courtesy of Omran – the Omani government’s tourism and hospitality-development arm. All 213 rooms and suites overlook the expanse of the Arabian Sea. For business events, there are four state-of-the-art conference rooms to choose from, as well as two regal ballrooms and an executive ballroom. 

Park Inn by Radisson Hotel & Resort Duqm
Established by Musstir LLC, a subsidiary of Oman’s well-known MB Holding Group, this 4-star hotel and residence features 73 chalets and apartments equipped with kitchenettes and other amenities. Direct access to the seafront opens up the property to a delightful sandy stretch. 

City Hotel Duqm
Built by Omran, the government-owned tourism and hospitality investment company, this 3-star hotel offers 120 guest rooms with options of single and double rooms and five well-appointed suites. The hotel caters primarily to business visitors and corporate executives. 

Duqm offers unique charm and cultural history to the discerning visitor. 

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