UAE Takes Center Stage amid Climate Talks, Gaza War
By Middle East Policy

A new article in the Winter 2023 issue examines the central drivers of Abu Dhabi’s foreign policy, from curbing political Islam to containing Iran and expanding economic power.  

AI in the Middle East
Jerome A. DuVal, Mike Sexton, & Mohammed Soliman

Expert panel analyzes the region’s development of artificial intelligence and its approach to regulation, as well as the advantages and downsides of the new technology. 

Turkey flag
Turkey at the Centennial: Crises and Opportunities
By Middle East Policy

As the republic marks its 100th anniversary, the journal offers incisive analyses of Erdoğan’s actions since his narrow re-election, how the country’s eastern orientation has affected its reactions to the Ukraine war, and Ankara’s strug

Take a Sneak Peak at Middle East Policy’s Winter Issue!

Early views of key articles from the Winter 2023 edition are now available online, with investigations and book reviews covering war, politics, and society from Libya to Afghanistan.

The Collapse of Netanyahu’s Double-Dealing Double Game
Peter Jones

The prime minister bet that he could block Palestinian statehood by quietly bolstering Hamas and making a “separate peace” with Arab monarchies. It undermined Israel’s security. 

Welcome to Washington

On October 19, the Middle East Policy Council hosted a "Welcome to Washington" seminar and reception to educate newly arriving Middle Eastern and North African diplomats on how to navigate, network, and influence in Washington.

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