Spring 2024 Middle East Policy Is Free for All Readers
By Middle East Policy

Full-text analyses and book reviews covering the role of China in the Middle East and the impact of the Sino-American rivalry are available to everyone, even without subscription, into May. 

U.S. Policy: A Force for Peace?
By Jamal Nusseibeh

The opinions expressed in this piece are solely those of the author and do not represent the views or positions of the Middle East Policy Council.

Winter 2023 Middle East Policy Is Free for All Readers
By Middle East Policy

Full-text analyses and book reviews covering issues from protest and civil war to extremism and nuclear security are available to everyone, even without subscription, until April. 

US Navy
Washington and Beijing's Engagement in the Middle East
By Middle East Policy

The Persian Gulf is an emerging region of competition for the superpowers, scholars contend, and their rivalry holds important i

Building Bridges Teacher Application
Building Bridges Teacher Application
From the Middle East Policy Council

Are you an American high school teacher excited to learn about global perspectives?

MEPC's educational pillar, Teach Mideast, is proud to launch our new Virtual Classroom initiative this Spring 2024.

Special Issue, Free to Read: The Gaza War
By Middle East Policy

A timely, vital edition of the journal explores the sparks fueling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, from failed diplomacy after the promise of Oslo to the Hamas-PLO split, 15 years of war in Gaza, and the demise of the two-state solution. 

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