40 Under 40
2024 40 Under 40 Awards

The Middle East Policy Council is excited to announce the 2024 cohort of 40 Under 40 Awardees. This honor recognizes the breadth of cultural, economic, and political relationships

IDF in Gaza
Israel Restricts Gaza Aims to Preserve the Status Quo
By Middle East Policy

Journal article contends that neither Tel Aviv nor Hamas has been able to register strategic victories in the three most recent wars. 

eastern Mediterranean
Eastern Mediterranean Innovation Shows Promise of Regional Hubs
By Middle East Policy

High-tech collaboration can also provide “a valuable instrument for overcoming deeply rooted conflicts” in the Middle East, argues new journal article. 

UN Peacekeeping
Why Peacekeeping Does Not Promote Peace
Dennis Jett

A new article in Middle East Policy contends that UN missions have largely failed and that rich countries are paying the financial cost but passing the casualty burden to others.

Ukraine War Puts Ex-Soviet Republics ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’
By Middle East Policy

A new journal article by Emil A. Souleimanov and Yury Fedorov explains the economic benefits of Moscow’s weakness, but perils remain as these states navigate the divide between the former superpower and the West. 

arab league
Syria Normalization Faces Challenges in the Region and Beyond
By Middle East Policy

A new journal article by Saban Kardas and Bulent Aras examines the calculations of Arab states, American indifference, and the possible limits on the regime’s rehabilitation. 

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