Duqm: The Glamour

A place where the desert meets the sea

Aspirational tourism destinations with outstanding natural beauty. Combined with a moderate climate, the friendliness and high levels of safety and security are the unique assets of Duqm.


A luxury tourism destination characterized by the diversity and beauty of its landscapes and a pleasant climate all year round. The rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and geographical variety, make it a prime investment opportunity and a preferred tourist destination.

Long regarded as Oman’s final frontier for adventure seekers and nature lovers, Duqm is today being transformed into a holiday destination for local and international tourists. Natural geology, moonscape settings, pristine ocean fronts, idyllic fishing villages, teeming birdlife, exotic fauna and other attractions combine to make Duqm an extraordinarily singular destination. In addition, within easy driving distance is the protected sanctuary of the endangered Arabian Oryx and Arabian Gazelle, while elsewhere are geological treasures dating back hundreds of millions of years. Preserving this rich natural wealth for future generations is an added imperative for Duqm.

Duqm Rocks Garden
One of the greatest natural treasures of Duqm, and of the Sultanate of Oman, the Rocks Garden is a carefully preserved six-kilometre site that houses unusual rock formations believed to be 46 million years old. Set around this site are sandstone and limestone sculptures shaped by wind, water, ice and other natural elements over millions of years. A visit to Duqm is incomplete without a tour of this singular attraction.

Migratory birds
Duqm is an important area for native and migratory birds; hundreds of thousands of birds feed, rest, and nest along its sandy beaches, khawars, and inland hills.

Ras Madraka Beach
Many visitors from inside and outside the Sultanate visit this beach and enjoy the moderate weather in this area throughout the months of the year, especially the summer, when tourists are looking for places where the temperature is moderate 20 degrees Celsius. The Ras Madraka coastline combines a natural mixture of soft silver sand, which spans seven kilometers, and rocks adjacent to the sea in their different formations. In addition, it is the gathering place for many birds, most notably seagulls.

Ras Duqm Beach
The view of the sunset and the myriad birds on the beach attract photography enthusiasts to this area where fishermen gather. Its terrain distinguishes Ras Duqm from the rest of the beaches.

Ras Markaz Beach
Ras Markaz beach is located at the base of a high rocky hill, Scenic views from the peak are spectacular.

Pink Beaches
This is a pool where salt water is collected. Due to the colour of the soil, these ponds appear to have attractive pink water.

Shuwaier Beach
The coast of Shuwaier is one of the most prominent beaches of the state of Duqm, which is about 20 km away from the center of the state, and is characterized by the purity of its blue water and soft sand.

Ayen Shannan
This is a small lake of non-fresh water (not suitable for drinking), which is used in the treatment of some skin diseases and others. It is one of the most beautiful natural sites and a gathering place for many species of wildlife.

Nafon Beach
One of the pristine beaches of the province of Duqm, Nafon is a site for anchored fishing vessels. It is located about 10 km from the centre of the state on the road leading to the province of Mahut next to Ras Hamr. On one side of this beach there is a rocky high ground where tourists often take time to see exotic birds.

Ras Hammar
This is a mountainous promontory close to Ras Duqm and Nafon beaches. Close to this unique geological landmark are many rocks with million-year-old fossils. It is the logo of Duqm and can be reached by small boats.

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