Journal Essay

Algeria's Path to Reform: Authentic Change?

Yahia H. Zoubir and Ahmed Aghrout

Summer 2012, Volume XIX, Number 2

When the uprising erupted in Tunisia, Algeria was expected to follow suit. It presented all the ingredients for a social ...

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Book Review

Modern Middle East Authoritarianism: Roots, Ramifications, and Crisis

Noureddine Jebnoun, Mehrdad Kia and Mimi Kirk

Winter 2014, Volume XXI, Number 4

In the wake of massive demonstrations in 2010 that led to the so-called Arab Spring, scholars from a variety of ...

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Journal Essay

Nationalism, Anarchism, Reform: Political Islam from the Inside Out

James L. Gelvin

Fall 2010, Volume XVII, Number 3

In July 2008, The New York Times ran an article about the evolution of the militant Algerian organization, the Armed ...

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Journal Essay

"Early" Transitional Justice in the Arab World: Lessons Learned

Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm

Fall 2016, Volume XXIII, Number 3

In recent decades, a broad range of tools, collectively known as "transitional justice," have been developed to help individuals and ...

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Journal Essay

Algeria: In Search of an Economic and Political Future

Mohammed Akacem

Summer 1993, Volume II, Number 2

Algeria is currently going through one of its most defining moments since gaining independence from France some three decades ago. ...

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